PD Dr. Marcus Ventzke

PD Dr. Marcus Ventzke

PD Dr. Marcus Ventzke

PD Dr. Mar­cus Vent­z­ke


Dr. Marcus Ventzke is executive director at the Institute for Digital Learning and teaches at the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. His main focus of research lies on different aspects of modern history, especially on the early modern period.

In the field of didactics and theory of history, he works on the concepts of historic terms, constructions of time, as well as Applied History. Mr. Ventzke advocates a pragmatic turn in didactics of history. He has worked as a teacher for history and ethics at several secondary schools.

Convinced of the disruptive and innovative character of digital revolution, Dr. Ventzke strives towards changes in our learning culture and the organisation of schools. Hence the renewal of learning and teaching ressources is an important area to that aim. In his habilitation thesis Dr. Ventzke dealt with the structure and media representation of the mBook-concept, he helpt to develop.

At the Institute for Digital Leaning he manages the content department, ranging from work on historical sources in archives, museums and libraries to the accurate didactic preparation of such content. He is responsible for the content-related and didactic foundation of IdL’s products and  elaborates new ideas in all work areas together with his team.








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